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26 June

In what way does Static Website is different from dynamic website

Website is the collected Set of web pages under a single domain. There are many useful reason for having a website for a business. A business can reach globally, visible to everyone, Cost effective, Wide range marketing. This is also a way to generate leads to the business.

Static Website

Static Website is the basic type of website. It is designed with the simple coding with HTML and it doesnt require any database. Static Web design easy to create. Static website contain static contents which will be same with some constraints. Static websites works good with small website with minimal number of pages.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic website is the kind of website which changes its content and database frequently. The website get altered when the content and database changes accordingly. Here comes the content management system to alter content and database. This used a server side scripting language.

Difference: Static website and Dynamic website

1. Static website should contain only fixed number of pages but dynamic website can have many pages dynamically .

2. Webpage and web design could not be changed if fixed once. In dynamic website web pages and content can be changed frequently.

3. If a webpage as to be changed or to be included, then it should be submitted to server side and to be added. Whereas in Dynamic there will be CMS to add new contents and webpages.

4. Static web designing and development can be developed easily with little experience and it is cheaper too. Rather developing a dynamic website requires more experience to develop and it costs higher when compared to static.

5. Static website doesnot require any database, this is helpful for website with less webpages and just to provide informaion. Dynamic website is with Database, this can be help to the website with more number of pages.

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