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6 July

What is WordPress and Benefits of using WordPress for Business Website

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Software which is OpenSource, where we can develop an elegant blog and website. It is an easy and flexible CMS (Content Management System) that enable to build or maintain blog or website, Moreover it is available for free. It is available as Opensource code, So volunteers edit and work on it to bring changes and improvements in the code. There available loads of plugins, widgets, predefined themes which making it more popularization.

Previously, Websites or blog or created with the web designing and development team in HTML code, where system runs the code and website will be the output. But as of now, people can just sign in with WordPress and Choose themes, widgets etc. Also the hosting process is not a complication with WordPress which made more easier.

Benefits of using WordPress for Business Website

There are many benefits in using WordPress to design a website or blog.
WordPress is Free

The main reason of Using WordPress is, it is available for free. One can download, instal and use it for free, more than 2500 themes and 30000 plugins are available.

It is Opensource

WordPress is available as Opensource, that is Code is available to everyone to study, modify it.

Easy to Learn and Use

WordPress is easy to learn and use, this is one of the main reason why millions of people or getting used with WordPress.

Safety and security

WordPress also developed with safety and security. It is developed in such a way to be secure by the client side.

SEO Perspective

WordPress Website is the SEO – Friendly website. Because Wordpress develop its theme and the structure which is mainly focus on SEO. There are many Plugins available to check SEO for the website.

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